Taking Care of Your Handmade Soap

Congratulations on your purchase (or gift) of our handmade soap! Our handmade soaps last as long (or even longer!) than commercial soap bars if treated with some gentle TLC. Here are a few of our suggestions to make the most of your Bath Bliss Handmade Soaps:

1. Store soaps not in use in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Your linen closet would be ideal for this - and on the plus side, your linen will be left smelling great too! Do not store unused soap in the bathroom or anywhere where moisture gathers.

2. Use a soap dish that offers good drainage, so that the soap can dry in between uses. Do not allow your soap to sit in a bowl or dish that allows water to pool at the bottom. This is important as the high content of glycerine in our soaps will attract water thereby causing the soap to break down more quickly.

3. Cut each bar into two or three and use each piece as needed. This ensures that the entire bar is not exposed to moisture in your bathroom. Moisture will lead to your soap melting faster. You can create a selection of varying scents of these "half-bars" and enjoy a variety of fragrances over the week!

Why do I need to take care of my handmade soap?

Our soaps do not contain any artificial hardening agents like commercial soaps do. Furthermore, unlike commercial soaps our soaps have a very high content of skin softening glycerin. Glycerin is a natural conditioning agent, and is also a humectant - which means it attracts moisture in the air. If your handmade bar of soap is left lying in a puddle of water or a goopy soap dish, the soap would eventually absorb the moisture and begin to break down. The combination of the above two factors may lead to your soap melting too quickly in the shower if not used and/or stored properly.